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FU-COVID-19 Webinar – An Evening of Mental Wellness

Following on from the success of our first webinar, we thought it important to help with everyone’s state of health & wellness, so we invited four more amazing presenters, to share their awesomeness with us.

We are delighted to bring together Graeme Cowan (Co-Founder of RUOK), who will speak on the importance of self care / mental health and resilience in these times.

The Essentialists , the dynamic duo of Shannah Kennedy and Lyndall Mitchell, who shall share their insights into small changes for big impact and share some life & wellness skills to thrive.
 To wrap it up, multi award winning speaker Ian Stephens, will teach us ways to keep focused and to use this time as an intermission (or inner mission), as there is much to look forward to when normal scheduling returns.

Our wonderful / fantabulous host Warwick Merry CSP, will once again weave his brand of awesomeness, to keep the night fun & entertaining.


Mental Wellness Webinar: FU-COVID-19

After this session you will walk away with:

  • 5 Ideas on how to keep a positive mindset in tough time
  • 4 New Skills for self care
  • 3 Simple Steps to implement for resilience
  • 2 (possibly more) Funny Jokes from the host
  • Which all adds up to
  • 1 Fantastic session that says FU to Covid-19
  • Pease feel free to share this link with anyone you believe could benefit from listening to the video below.