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Dave is an Executive Leadership Coach & Trainer, Keynote Speaker and Published Author.

Dave is one of the world’s foremost authorities on HOW TO become a purpose-driven leader and enable organizations to drive profitability on purpose. Throughout his international career, Dave has lead organizations and teams across multiple sectors and industries.

As an international and award-winning coach, facilitator and sales leader, Dave knows what it takes to lead and build award-winning organizations.  Many of his clients have gone on to win international recognition.

Dave is not only the published author of SIMPLIFIED, but he is also the creator of the Leadership Framework©, the Circle of Organizational Leadership©, the Model Business Canvas©, the Culture and Strategy Advance© and R.E.L.A.X.E.D. Selling©. It has been said that Dave Clare is the most engaging and enthusiastic speaker on purpose-driven leadership today.

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“If you don’t start anticipating the future needs of your customers, start anticipating not having any customers in the future!” – Dave Clare

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“Top down leadership is a thing of the past. All around leadership is the way forward. It is a shift from an EGOsystem of leadership whereby we all answer to something, not someone first.”
– Dave Clare

Australian “All Inclusive” Keynote: $6,000 (2-days plus I take care of my flights, transfers & accommodation anywhere in Australia).
Australian Keynote: $5,000
MC: $3,000
Workshop Facilitation: $1,500 – $3,000 (I provide all tools, workbooks, and presentation)
Podcast: FREE

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Current presentations

Leadership in a Disruptive World

We live in our generations most uncertain of times. Predictability is out the window. This should be the most exciting of times because there is no opportunity in predictability, but there is in uncertainty. So what is going wrong? There's a lack of trust in corporations and big shot CEO's. Organisational structures are under attack. Old hierarchies are being challenged with the changing nature of work. There's a need to make jobs more dynamic. Leadership around the globe is in crisis mode, it is broken. We are spending billions globally to make better leaders, yet employee disengagement rates are up all round the world. How can this be? It's time to lead different. It is time for purpose-driven leaders to rise. Leaders who are looking for ways to increase employee engagement and empowerment. They want to inspire their teams to do their life's best work. There is recognition that a shift from a business model to a model business is not only desired, but required to ensure longevity. Business is a long-game. Building an invincible culture that unleashes creativity and innovation is paramount for continued success. Leaders that understand that they are responsible to create more leaders, not followers.

Succeeding in a New Economy

What does it take to succeed in a new economy? This presentation takes the audience on a practical journey from commoditization and fighting the price war to creating an organisation that is differentiated in the market place. It examines leaderships role in staying relevant and driving value from purpose to profits.

The Customer-Centric Organisation

If your customer service sucks, it's because your leadership sucks. This presentation examines how everything starts and ends with the customer. This presentation moves the audience along the customer journey and asks "If your purpose doesn't serve your customer, is it really your purpose?" We examine what leaderships role in creating a customer-centric culture is on driving customer experience from the inside-out.

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Dave was highly recommended as a speaker and he did not disappoint. His presentation was well constructed, packed with content, challenging and delivered in a highly engaging way. With out doubt a stand out in my 21 years of convening.

Kate Charters - SEGRA Conference Convenor
Dave captured the crowd from the Get Go and had the group totally engaged throughout his 40 minute presentation. Dave has a unique ability to convey strategic concepts in a simple to follow delivery of his messaging. The feedback post surveys from our attendees was that he was the star on the day!

Col Levander, CEO - Recruitment Yarns Tour
Dave presented at our National Conference and was very well received by the delegates. He was informative and engaging and captured the audiences’ attention. He was a great guy to deal with and extremely accommodating. Dave offered a book signing at the end of his presentation and it was encouraging to see so many of our delegates waiting in line to speak with him.

Jane Docherty - AGGA National Conference
I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Dave recently as part of the Recruitment Yarns tour. I've seen a lot of people speak on Leadership, Culture and Sales over the years and Dave shared insights that were fresh, relevant and did so in a way that was engaging and memorable. I highly recommend getting Dave to come and share his "Clarisms" with your team!

Stacey Copas - Resilience Keynote Speaker • Career Resilience Coach • Academy Of Resilience CEO • Author • Resilient Leadership
Dave Clare is an engaging and dynamic speaker. By combining humour, examples, and an informal but highly focused presentation, he demonstrated his experience within leadership. The audience left feeling motivated to put these strategies into action.

Tom Reardon - CEO People infrastructure

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