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About Sue Barrett

  • Founder & CEO, Barrett Consulting Group (Business Consulting & Education Firm, est. 1995), (Online Sales Education & Resource Platform, est. 2013), Selling Better Movement & Purposeful Optimism (est. 2018)
  • Monash University, Cert (Strategic Management), Cert IV (Accredited
    Workplace Assessor & Trainer)
  • 1997 Winner of Telstra & Victorian Government Small Business Award
  • Inducted into the Business Women’s Hall of Fame 2000
  • Finalist 1998 & 2001 Telstra Business Woman of the Year Awards
  • ACE Sponsor of Victorian Institute of Sport (VIS) 1991 – present
  • Board Member of the Future Business Council 2018-present
  • Author of 142 Days of Gratitude that changed my life forever

“To me life is all about opportunity; the opportunity to enhance our skills and capabilities, do good work, try new things, and make a positive difference in business and in life.”

In 1995, Sue Barrett took the road less travelled when she founded Barrett, a business consulting and education firm specialising in Selling Better rather than selling more, and that has made all the difference.

Founder and CEO of Barrett,, and the Selling Better Movement, Sue lives by the philosophy that selling is everybody’s business and everybody lives by selling something, and is the architect of the world class Selling Better Operating System & Philosophy. Sue has a vision where everybody is practicing ethical, human-centred selling for a fair, sustainable and prosperous world.

Sue is one of the most authoritative thought leaders reporting on and working in the selling profession in Australia and the world today. She introduces high quality, evidenced based research, tools, models, frameworks, pragmatic thinking and practical action to help Boards, CEOs, Sales Leaders, Executive Teams, Sales Teams and everyone else in the business navigate a complex, ever changing world when it comes to selling better and being genuinely customer centric. This extensive experience across industry in B2B and B2C markets, coupled with leading her team of international experts, doesn’t box her in but gives her broad and deep insights into an ever changing business and societal landscape, the trends and opportunities here and abroad.

Working as a Sales Strategist, Writer, Philosopher, Keynote Speaker, Sales Trainer, Coach, Change Agent and Selling Better Activist, Sue has published over 600 sales articles in the mainstream press, written 21 e-books on sales, got selling its first ever university qualification and produces the ‘must read’ Annual 12 Sales Trends Report. Sue and her talented team are pragmatic innovators and committed to helping business leaders deliver selling better strategies and helping people and businesses sell better with healthier margins and less risk.

In 2019, Sue published her first paperback book, ‘142 Days of Gratitude that changed my life forever’, a treatise on the positive power of gratitude that delivers a masterclass in resilience.  Since 1991, Sue continues to work ‘pro bono’ with some of Australia’s best Olympic and Paralympic athletes supporting them in personal brand and image improvement at the Victorian Institute of Sport.

Sue is board member of the Future Business Council and an advocate for the Moral Case for Gratitude, Equality, and Ethical Business Practices. Sue lives in Melbourne with her partner Jobst and sons Alex and Josh, and is a competitive swimmer and field hockey player.


There are not many people in this world like Sue Barrett. Sue is one of those people whose energy changes a room - this was the case during our first session at the Victorian Institute of Sport Barrett Business Program. Sue combines evidence and practice in a way that relates directly to you, and helps spark meaningful change. This is extremely powerful when combined with a delightful sense of humour and ability to form sincere connections. As such, I was excited to discover that Sue has managed to capture these key ingredients in her book “142 Days of Gratitude – that changed my life forever”. A mix of science, neuroplasticity, vulnerability, and desire to help others, all shine through strongly, and provide for an enjoyable read that I can highly recommend. It’s a legs up from me!

Hannah Macdougall, PhD, Dual Paralympian and Medallist, Motivational Speaker, Athlete Well-being Expert, Community Engagement & Development @ Victoria State Emergency Service

Sue Barrett’s clear and positive take on being grateful is a fundamental practice among those who weather their storms, continue their climb, and have the impact they seek. Sue provides a poignant and very personal story of how gratitude changed her life. When knocked down and too tired to get back up, focus on what’s still working. When experiencing self doubt, even depression, focus on what still makes you smile. Sue’s journey through 142 days of gratitude reveals a myriad of acknowledgments, each one a small step toward health and prosperity, each one a defiant symbol of resilience. Sue’s story highlights how showing gratitude is an act of humility, a positive statement about what helps us get through a tough day. Ultimately, the practice of being grateful hones a leader’s ‘true north’, strengthens a leaders resolve to strive toward it, and pre-pares a leader to rise again following the inevitable set-backs that punctuate everyone’s life. I am grateful to Sue Barrett for sharing her experience and writing this book about being grateful

Jonathan Matheny, PhD, Director of Program Development, Leadership and Executive Education, Monash Busi-ness School, Monash University

We reached out to Barrett Consulting with a need to explore best practices in large commercial structures, from the first call we were really impressed of how engaging and responsive Sue Barrett was and how quickly she understood our business. She was fantastic in challenging our thinking from day 1, encouraging us to continue to look from the customers’ eyes within all of our market segments. She was great to ensure we looked into the future, take a broad-er view and consider options outside of our industry. We had some tight deadlines and Barrett Consulting were easy to work with to meet our deadlines and follow up after workshops. Sue is an amazing facilitator and finds a way to bring the ideas out from all, while keeping senior leaders engaged. I would highly recommend Sue and her team when considering a team with great insight, expertise and quick to respond and understand.

Lynda Rowan, Director- Talent & Culture Integration, Accor

This Selling Better Project and sales training is fundamentally changing how we sell for the better. Sue really chal-lenges us and makes us think; she takes us outside our comfort zone, stretches us but it really works. It’s amazing. We are seeing continued increases in sales, huge reduction in Barrett discounting, increased confidence in the team and happier customers. This is not just an event for us, we will be continuing our journey with to keep us sales fit in 2018.

Barry Singer, Managing Director, Comfortel

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