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Bringing Shareholders, Customers and Staff together with Purpose

About Steven Di Pietro

As a CEO, Steven has been measuring customer service spanning two decades and 500,000 Mystery Shop evaluations. His business puts him in a unique position to understand what works, and what doesn’t. His work has helped him understand why businesses don’t do as they plan, and why people pull in different directions.

Steven focuses on Purpose as the key to unlocking the riddle of how to bring Stakeholders, Customers and Staff together.

His work ensures that strategy is being executed.

All organisations want sales and service staff to give purposeful service within their strategy. Steven brings context to people’s work, regardless of how mundane or important, and regardless of whether the organisation has a clear purpose.

Steven works with leadership teams to help them define a clear purpose for their organisation, and a mechanism for filtering the purpose to all employees. This keynote is especially useful at industry level by showing how to use Purpose as a tool.

He also works with middle managers to give their departments a “why”, a North Star. Each department has to have its own reason for being.

How do you get front-line staff to really care, to serve with purpose? That’s the big question which Steven unlocks with practical tools.

Steven’s message fluctuates between the meta, and the practical. Everyone will walk away with something to do, understood, or to work on. They  will also walk away with at least one ah ha moment which they will never forget.

His style is very calming and contemplative mixed in with lots of laughs, exercises, the occasional group meditation and singing.

This is a journey of discovery for the leadership team and staff to understand themselves, their organisation, and their customers better.


What an understanding Steve has about service and sales – changed my attitude forever

John Hepburn

Steven links purpose to business in a marvellously experiential way. He is obviously passionate about his purpose and informed on his subject.

Noeline Dawes

You blew me away. You were so slick and so on point. Just fantastic. Loved your exampled and stories.

Karen Miles

Again such a simple message that it is amazing that we don’t see the connection – service and sales – interchangeable.

Jeanette Cowden - Woolworths

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