Steuart Snooks

Steuart Snooks

Your time is too valuable to ever look at an email more than once!

About Steuart Snooks

Thought Leader, Steuart Snooks is Australia’s leading email and workplace productivity expert.

A time management consultant since 1997, he’s spent much of the last decade researching and teaching Best Practice in managing email overload and communicating effectively via email.

He works with organisations, their teams, their executives, EAs and support staff who are overloaded with email and crying out for practical, affordable solutions to the relentless demands of email and the workload it delivers.

Through presentations, workshops, coaching and webinars Steuart delivers insightful, entertaining and highly practical solutions that make a real difference to personal and organisational productivity.

His goal is to help you make the paradigm shift in your thinking and behaviour to be more effective in managing email and transform the way you manage your time and your workload.

What he teaches can change the way you work…forever.

<br><br>Plays and has coached cricket at Malvern Cricket Club in Melbourne.

Following a family tradition, Steuart is an active participant and organiser of car rallies.

Steuart’s first career was in the wine industry (working in restaurants, retail and wholesale) before travelling to France to visit and work in vineyards and wineries in Champagne, Burgundy, Beaujolais, the Loire, Cognac and Bordeaux. He has an entertaining after dinner keynote combined with wine appreciation and tasting available for conferences.A


Everyone (even two staff who are hard to please) have advised that the training was the ‘best training they have done’ in years.

Luke Doherty - genU

I must say I was less than enthused to go to yet another training when I have so much work to do at my desk. I listened to you talk about this being life-changing and how my emails would disappear. Managing two inboxes and with them generating most of my workload I sat fidgeting in my seat quite annoyed that you had no idea about my work; this surely couldn’t apply to me. So now a week later; I sit here at the end of the day with time to allocate an appropriate response and provide constructive feedback. I have still been busy all day but my work is not mounting up uncontrollably. I apply the two-minute rule a few times a day and drag other emails into a slotted time to deal with it. Maybe not today but certainly as it needs prioritising. My emails are at zero at the end of the day EVERY DAY! The fact that I am now telling you that this training has indeed “changed my life” is like eating humble pie. But kudos to you and a well-deserved pat on the back. My calendar is now my priority - I have control of my work - I have started to leave on time - I have left my work at work giving me work-life balance. Thank you!


“Steuart’s presentation was incredibly interesting, educational and helpful. Content was really well targeted and great resources ready to be handed to participants. He not only knew the subject material extremely well, he was engaging and presented at just the right pace”


“Yesterday I did some GP practice visits and before I could even ask I received unsolicited feedback that your workshop was the best thing they have ever done.”


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