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Business is personal. That’s where we start with personal tools and techniques that help create lives that thrive.

Sharlene Lynch Speaker | Thought leader on MINDSHIFT the future of mindset. With more than 30 Years’ experience in business coaching and a background in accounting and holistic psychology, she is an international inspirational speaker and veteran workshop facilitator. Sharlene is the living embodiment of her MINDSHIFT program, navigating the “gap” from where you are, to where you want to be.


"Sharlene is DAZZLING. She commands a stage and has incredible presence and delivery... she will leave you captivated and hungry for more. Even in virtual settings, Sharlene will fill your screen and take you on an inspiring and engaging journey through a rainbow of emotions. Sharlene will break your heart and then expertly mend it again for you. She is the sunshine. She is a crisp breath of fresh air. SHE IS THE LIGHT."


Sharlene, you were simply OUTSTANDING at your Shift Your State To Elevate workshop. I was floored by your power, confidence and vulnerability which was an intoxicating combination. You added immense value and did so, with such passion. A must see workshop, 11/10.


”Sharlene is REAL and SPEAKS FROM THE HEART. Not only is she motivating & inspiring, she is also really funny!!! I loved Sharlene's talk on making decisions and cutting off your other options. Puts things into perspective for work and personal life. Thank you Sharlene!!!!”


“Listening to Sharlene speak was INSPIRATIONAL. She talked with such passion and her personal notes made her speech very relatable. I felt motivated and like I had a clear understanding on what to do next on my personal journey after listening to her.”


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