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Sick days – UP! Depression – UP! Divorce rate – UP! Laughter in life – DOWN!

Just a Coincidence?

Babies begin to laugh at around four months of age. By the time a child reaches grade one they’re laughing on average 300 times a day! Yet as adults we manage only to laugh around 17. What happens on our path to maturity that so detrimentally impacts our ability to laugh?

Scott Williams is a laughter specialist and is a highly regarded and sought after speaker in the Australian corporate arena. He regularly speaks to company executives and their employees on how laughter can be a very powerful tool when it comes to the effective management of stress in our hectic ‘always on’ society. Absenteeism costs the Australian workplace billions of dollars and stress is one of the leading factors. Scott explores the proven link between humour and better health and discusses what practical steps we can all take to boost our daily laughter levels. Scott’s keynote also considers how we can convert some of the negative energy that impacts our daily lives into positive pressure that can propel us forward. It’s a journey into laughter and the most fun you can have while learning! We are all human after all – and we all need to laugh.


I have just finished running an Australia-wide professional development day to about 2000 employees using Scott as host for the day and facilitator for a couple of sessions. Scott also performed the closing motivational speech in his role as a Happiness educator. I found him easy to deal with on all the logistics; nothing was too much trouble; he proactively had ideas that helped shape the day and improve it; he was well-read and professional allowing him to interview senior leaders and engage with them. Finally, his warmth and wit engaged and connected well with our audience. Don’t just take my word for it because the audience rated his closing speech with the highest score ever in eight years for any speaker with an average of 9.5 out of 10. One verbatim quote sums it up: “I personally really enjoyed the last session with Scott Williams (The Dr.of Laughter). This was a great way to finish the day and really did put things (life) into perspective"
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I have seen Scott work with our teams at small and large corporate events, he is a true professional who comes prepared and ready to entertain. As an MC or host for your event, he always kept us on track and laughing throughout the day, I highly recommend Scott for your next corporate event or conference.
Matthew Brown CFP Partner, Certified Financial Planner
"Words will simply not do this man justice! Scott Wiliams was an amazing MC and keynote presenter at the conference. He was friendly, professional and incredibly helpful. On Day 1 of the Conference, he would meet the delegates at registration and welcome them to the conference! As an MC, he was exceptional. He engaged our delegates with his skill of 'reading the audience' - made them think, laugh and most importantly, ensured that all the sessions went on time! He was always on hand to render assistance and could always be seen interacting with the delegates. Quite often, he would be one of the first and last people to leave the conference each day - now, that's COMMITMENT"
Magdelene St Clare Queensland Association of State School Principals
Scott has the unique ability to open and close your conference, keep your programme on time and to be an outstanding entertainer. He remains the highest scoring Emcee with our audiences and we liked him so much we went back for seconds"
Mark Lewin Financial Planner
I have worked along side Scott for a number of years now at the FSAA conference with Scott in the MC role and myself as a guest speaker. Scott has been a first class contributor to the conference both from his natural ability to make people laugh, but also the business acumen he has displayed (ie linking the sessions together, keeping the participants engaged and when required, asking mature and business related questions to kick off the Q&A sessions). Such agility makes him a stand out from the regular 'MC crowd'
Scott Hadfield Partner PricewaterhouseCoopers

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