Sally A Curtis

Sally A Curtis

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About Sally A Curtis

Sally A Curtis is a marketing problem solver with over 25 years of experience in marketing, business development, and sales.

Who can help you:

  • Get clear on simplified marketing strategies,
  • Connect with your network to all the resources and opportunities that are waiting for you,
  • Be more confident so you implement consistently and get results.

Her success has always been accelerated by instinctive understanding how to networks the networks to create fast results. She has worked with a variety of industries, including retail, media, events & franchising to help develop killer marketing strategies. Plus many of Australia’s leading entrepreneurs, helping them to exponentially increase their growth, through innovative methods of planning, networking & humanised marketing.

She has stepped into the business when there has been a tumble, and she has helped businesses & organisations to accelerate their growth. Sally is also experienced in utilising Linkedin to generate leads and secure collaborative partnerships.  She has helped start-ups & commercialisation units build from scratch.  And she can help you.

Sally has a captivating, engaging, and fun personality. She is changing the face of marketing forever, by helping highly motivated business owners and leaders simplify their growth strategies, increasing their leads & sales dramatically while still having fun!

A sought after trainer and speaker for service providers such as Eastside Business Enterprise Centre, South Australia Young Entrepreneur Scheme, Bridge to Mass Challenge, Department of State Development & Flinders University Commercialisation Unit.

Sally says …Know this.

Every super-hero maker needs a killer growth strategy, and here’s mine; Know your next step to grow and who leads to who in your network.

Sally’s vast knowledge of marketing & efficiency makes her the perfect person to help business owners and leaders develop their strategy of next steps. By using proven techniques to increase sales, leverage resources, build connections, and manage time effectively both face to face and online.

Sally believes we all have people, resources, revenue and opportunities that are waiting to flow to us.  Often they are simply hidden in plain sight, with a new fresher perspective you to will SEE and then seize them too!

Let Sally help you see more of what is availing waiting for you, hidden in plain sight.

There is more surrounding us than we think, sometimes we just need to know how to see it, plan from it to play a bigger game whilst bringing likeminded people on the journey with us.


"Sally is my go to networking and marketing specialist. She has devoted hours upon hours to startup through MassChallenge and other programs over many years. A highly passionate and skilled individual!

"Sally has an astonishing flair for simple. Clearer marketing processes. Increasing sales. Giving time, energy and ‘lives’ back to business owners and managers."

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