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Martin Brooker

Shifting the Narrative of Leadership

About Martin Brooker

Commodore Martin Brooker (Retired) is a specialist in the space created by complexity, with an instinctive ability to scan the current environment and identify where complexity, incongruence, and ambiguity are obscuring line of sight and impacting leadership capability and capacity.

Martin’s extensive Naval career spanned command at sea and operational roles including command of an Amphibious Ship in the Middle East and the Pacific, command of the Navy’s elite Clearance Divers, and Deputy Commander of Australia’s Joint Forces in the Middle East and Afghanistan, culminating in leading teams through cultural change in Defence, and his appointment to Program Director for Navy’s biggest change program, New Generation Navy. 

Martin’s fascination with the Narrative of Leadership, the rise of the Accidental Leader, & the impacts of both at a broad economic through to an individual level has driven a post military career focussed on strengthening leadership capability.  

His insights and lessons are through the lens of his own conscious commitment to the Human-to-Human Connection to create strength in leadership, and just why the leadership narrative must change for the betterment of our future Boardrooms. 

His powerful keynotes draw on lived experience leading men and women in harm’s way; the mistakes made, the critical lessons learned and how to lead teams and operational forces through ever- changing, high-performance situations which unfold in a state of constant ambiguity to deliver on mission critical imperatives.

An accomplished Strategic Advisor, Facilitator, Commentator and Speaker, Martin’s considered perspectives, unexpected humour and ability to breathe life into universally applicable lessons and laws of leadership shift the perspective of any audience – sharing simple strategies and fabulous mantras your audience will take with them as they leave the room. 

Commendations and Medals

  • Conspicuous Service Cross in 2004

For Outstanding Achievement in Command of the Maritime Task Group in The Solomon Islands

  • Commendation for Distinguished Service 2014

For Distinguished Performance of Duty in Warlike Operations as Deputy Commander in the Middle East

  • The Australia Day Medallion, 1999
  • The United States Secretary of the Navy Commendation for Meritorious Service 1994-1995


  • RUOK? Community Ambassador


“Great demonstration that even in an environment as rigid as Defence, choices that respond to the human side creates better outcomes.”

Valerie Bares, ESC Consulting

“Martin has a career of high quality leadership experience and brings this to life in an engaging and vibrant manner, relevant to us all.”

James Harrap, Shell Australia

“Great, personalised presentation with wonderful, practical relevance and application.”

Michael Lloyd, COE Sport Psychologist – Cricket Australia

“Understanding that there is a balance between person and task is a game changer to learning leadership. Thank you for the reminder.”

Olivia Ryan, EY

“Your presentation hit the mark beautifully and we were able to build upon the themes you introduced to the group later in the day. The success of your presentation was reflected in the lively question and answer session that you generated and a number of my staff privately expressed their thanks and approval. Once again thank you for taking the time to share your valuable insights and its application to private enterprise leadership.”

Andrew Rushbrook, JACOBS Australia

“Martin is clearly a skilful, presenter whose messages appeal equally to both men and women. As a woman in the audience, I was able to easily relate to his stories, enjoyed them and felt that he had a great deal of respect for people in general. Gender was not introduced to the conversation, which unfortunately has not been my experience with some others. I found Martin to be someone that brings great value to leaders and potential leaders within our community.”

Claire Fountain, Director Sorted 4 Life

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