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Creating a Mentally Fit Generation

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The nature of children’s health around the world is changing there is now a ‘new morbidity’ occurring, with obesity, anxiety, depression and suicide taking centre stage. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics over 560,000 Australian children and young people have mental health problems. We want our children to grow into happy adults, but the trouble is many of them are struggling to develop resilience that enables them to cope with making mistakes, accept failures and bounce back from adversity.

With warmth, intelligence and humour, Australia’s leading expert in how we develop children’s mental fitness Kari Sutton, works with associations, parents, and educators keen to develop greater resilience in the next generation. Believing that we’ve been waiting till problems arise before we begin building children’s resilience, and that this means we are constantly the ambulances at the bottom of the cliff, Kari illustrates why we need to rethink how we develop resilience in children.

Drawing from the science of positive psychology, interpersonal neurobiology and child development, Kari demonstrates how we can proactively foster our children’s mental fitness muscles and that this investment is equivalent to building protective fences at the top of the cliff to stop our kids from falling into the downward spiral of anxiety, depression and self-harm. 

As a speaker, author and facilitator Kari provides parents and educators with evidenced based strategies and tools that significantly increase the likelihood of their children having higher levels of resilience and psychological wellbeing.


“Spellbound from the first words. Valuable, insightful and impactful, Kari drives a conversation about the role and importance of resilience in our children’s health and happiness. She leaves you with actionable tips to increase resilience in your own kids.”

Sara Hales, CEO and Founder, The Bold Effect

“Kari always hits the mark in terms of her enthusiasm and relevance to what her audience needs. She understands, and values, the hard work of schools and at our last conference she was extremely well received. I would highly recommend Kari – her presentations are a mix of engaging real-life stories and practical tools and strategies that teachers, and parents, can immediately implement. Thanks Kari we will have definitely have you back again.”

Brian Marsden, Deputy Principal - Teachers Conference Organiser

“Kari is a very engaging, positive person, whose friendly and approachable manner allows her to rapidly build rapport with delegates. Her presentation was informative, entertaining and thought provoking. A fantastic speaker, uplifting, motivating, I would easily recommend Kari as a speaker for any organisation and feel confident we will have her present again in the future.”

Heather Bennet, Australian Council for Educational Leaders

“What a fantastic presentation to kickstart our conference. I could tell the delegates loved it listening to the conversations at morning tea. Please continue to spread your important message. It should be mandatory for all parents and future parents - I felt like you were talking directly to me. I loved the ideas and tools and will definitely be telling my husband about them so we can use them with our kids. I could see how passionate and knowledgeable you are about kids’ mental health and making sure we start when they are little. I’d love to have you back again and will post links on our website so others can hear your message and see your work.“

Rachel, Early Childhood Conference Organiser Tasmania.

“What an impact you had on the delegates at the 2011 World Forum. Your energy, passion enthusiasm and humour made the afternoon. You provided the audience with actionable tips and strategies they could easily implement and impressed everyone with the level of content you provided in 45 minutes. Your message resonated with everybody and your contribution added significant value to the conversation about how we promote children’s wellbeing and positive mental health. On the feedback forms delegates rated you as ‘excellent’. Thank you for being a pleasure to work with.”

Stacy Hadley, World Forum on Early Care and Education Program Coordinator.

Kari has provided keynotes and workshops that have been highlights of several of our conferences. She is an entertaining and engaging presenter. Delegates appreciated her practical advice and easy to implement strategies. Her level of professionalism made it a delight to have her on our program. If you want your audiences to have fun while they are learning and have a memorable experience they continue to talk about throughout the year, book Kari. ’

Trevor Brown, Professional Development Coordinator, Learning and Development, Creche and Kindergarten Association

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