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Jacqueline Nagle

Resilience and Communications Expert


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Risk taker & passionate provocateur with an inability to stay quiet in the face of unfulfilled potential

 Jacqueline Nagle is driven by one obsession – the crafting of messages which unlock potential, that shift perspective, and create a world of possibility for the clever, the passionate, the zealous and the brave.

She is determined to cultivate conversations that cut through the mindless chatter and the madness of noise that exists to deliver perspective, strategies and insights which unlock possibility and level it up with tangible, actionable frameworks.

Jacqueline’s straight talking, spirited conversations and presentations are wrapped in bravery, vulnerability, and an inner strength to deliver a powerful mix of inspiration, motivation, and activation which seeps its way into the core of her audiences.

A CEO, a GM, and a Consultant in careers spanning labour hire, mining services, civil construction, industrial relations and professional services, with experience in the trenches of start up through to driving multiple 8-figure growth, self-confessed sun chaser, lover of red wine, coffee, and conversations, Jacqueline’s work is laser focussed on that which allows clever people to lean into life without fear – from speaking, to speaker training, to working as trusted advisor with some of our greatest emerging consultants and advisors, Jacqueline’s perspective is guaranteed to create a shift you will be forever grateful for. 


"Jacqueline Nagle should be speaking on stages globally. She not only has a powerful story, but an important one, and that rarest of abilities, to be a masterful story teller and take us on a journey. I speak on stages around the world, and rarely does someone capture my attention like Jacqueline has been able to."

Dr Steve Maraboli International Speaker and Published Writer New York, USA

"Jacqueline wove her story that took us all on a journey through the twists and turns, and the highs and lows of her life and life lessons, leaving us captivated, speechless and in awe of her story, her journey and her message. I can only describe Jacqueline’s style of presentation as powerful and awe inspiring."

Fionna C Aitchison Reid Director, Aitchison Reid Building & Construction Lawyers

"Jacqueline's passion, commitment, and dedication to giving others a voice is boundless. After hearing her keynote it is obvious why she is loved for her enthusiasm for women, their work, and their hearts to make things right. Relatable, warm, engaging, and insightful. "The Art of Resilience" was a masterpiece.”

Katherine Flynn Founder and Creative Director Heartspace Brisbane, Australia

Jacqueline Nagle's keynote presentation on resilience to our group recently presented strong and actionable messages interwoven with an amazing personal and business journey. Jacqueline's honesty and integrity shone through as her story struck a chord and had the audience captivated throughout. Members of the group whom I've spoken with since all agree she is a talented and entertaining speaker with a great message to share. Thanks Jacqueline.

Karen Young, Chapter Chair, REIQ

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