About Hugo Awesome

Hugo Awesome is a 6ft4 Gorilla who gives out hugs to all that want one. He stands silently near a sign that says “Hugs are awesome. Help yourself.”

A light hearted character with depth, Hugo serves as a reminder for us humans that we should connect warm heartedly, physically, and genuinely. Hugo’s debut appearance at Newday Summit 2018 was a marathon effort of 194 hugs!

Hugo Awesome does not spruik, nor does he decline. Hugo also understands that when we give a hug we never truly know what that means to the recipient. Hugo lets go when you let go.

Created by professional mentor Trent Blucher, Hugo Awesome challenges the current way of how we believe we are connected via social media and digital platforms. Hugo offers us a chance to engage in the basic human need of physical connection and reminds us of its importance. The result is an excellent icebreaker amongst strangers or team mates, light hearted banter from the stage (MC material provided) and a tailored personal experience for all…even people who choose not to hug.

Whilst Hugo Awesome does appear on Facebook and Instagram the immediate goal is to complete a documentary and key note presentation reflecting upon the Hugo Awesome experience.

Hugo is available to appear at corporate functions, charity and private events. Hugo’s vision is to be recognised as a friend and for the City of Adelaide to be recognised as the city of Awesome Hugs. 

Feel free to speak with Trent to explore how Hugo Awesome can best hug at your event.


“The energy Hugo brings to the room is awesome and he doesn’t even speak.”

–Delegate, Newday Summit 2018.

Hugo's gentle and subversive presence subtlety offers something that most of us don't even know we need. A simple act, with deep impact.

Jennifer Greer-Holmes ~ Newday

“I haven’t hugged anyone since my daughter passed away. I don’t know if I will ever let go”

-Delegate, Newday Summit 2018.

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