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About Daniel McKinnon

The Futurist who still works in the industry every day.

A leading authority on technology and the change it will bring, Daniel‘s focus is on giving your audience the information they need to adapt and thrive over the next 5-20 years. What changes will impact your industry and what can you do now to ensure success?

Daniel has been building mobile technology for longer than anyone else in Australia. With over 22 years of experience in technology and innovation, he has always lived on the cutting-edge and is committed to utilising the newest technology to improve people’s lives.

Voice technology, photo analysis, image recognition, health-tech, wearables or anything else. Daniel is all-in on finding where new tech can be applied to make a difference to business and people -regardless of industry. His projects span industries as diverse as health, travel, plumbing, music, transport, and events.

Don’t expect your average computer geek though –Daniel loves to bring some humour and fun to the sessions and makes sure everyone walks away having been blown-away bysome new and amazing innovation.


"Daniel's three (3) presentations at the Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast were very insightful and always generated excellent feedback from our business community. He is able to communicate technology topics so they are relevant, easilyunderstood and enjoyed by all attendees -no matter what their industry or area of expertise."

Mark Paddenburg CEO Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast Pty Ltd

"It was great to have Daniel present "the future of Voice technology" at our event. The content was spot-on for our audience and was presented in an engaging way that I am sure has inspired participants to delve deeper into the topic."

Andrew CurnowBrisbane Mobile App Developers

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