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Chris Koch

“Pardon me, there is always a better way”

About Chris Koch

Chris Koch was born in Sri Lanka and is of European descent. He and his family migrated to Australia in 1961 to Melbourne where he completed his schooling at Melbourne High School. He attended Monash University and obtained a degree in Art & Design prior to taking on several major positions in the life insurance and financial services industries. From the late 1980’s to 2000, Chris Koch was regarded as one of the top three public speakers in the Australian market and many who have heard him speak rate him as the best public speaker they have encountered. Some have compared him with the best international speakers they have heard. In the early 2000’s Chris was regrettably caught up in the Global Financial Crisis and as a result of his over-exuberance to partake personally in international high yield trading products he found himself charged and eventually convicted of gaining a financial advantage by deception. Chris maintains his innocence of these charges and his matter is progressing to the High Court of Australia at which point he hopes to receive a full pardon. Having spent 7 ½ years in prison, during which he reassessed his life with particular focus on his risk-taking personality traits, he has turned his life around. During his time in prison he privately studied appellant law in order to prosecute his own appeals. Chris says that during this time he learned to respect the law and its proper process. He also understands how to take control of his own greed-based risk taking. In the late 1980’s and leading up to their amazing win at the world cup of cricket in 1996, Chris was used as a high-performance motivational consultant to the Sri Lankan cricket team. His role in commencing the change to that team’s culture, to cope with what was soon to become a highly competitive sporting business, is well worth listening to. Chris’s practical experience in working with diverse business and sporting cultures to enable them to perform to their best, has been noted by his audiences as remarkedly insightful, relevant and understandable.
From his late teens Chris became heavily involved in the horse racing industry and between 1989 and 2001 he owned two of Australia’s leading racehorses, namely “Naturalism” and “Fields of Omagh”. The ownership of these two champion racehorses only added to his risk-taking desires, which he now has eliminated from his personality. His personal journey in overcoming his risk taking and greed-based desire is an inspiring story. Prior to his incarceration, Chris was a highly sought-after motivational speaker in the business arena, with over 200 engagements annually in Australia and overseas. Chris was also the Managing Director of the highly successful sales, marketing and motivational consultancy Koch and Associates. His engagements ranged from special after dinner presentations to keynote addresses at international conferences with thousands of delegates. Many who have heard him speak have acknowledged his unique ability to seamlessly combine humor with wisdom. It is a gift few in the public speaking world can claim, to have. As a speaker, and in all aspects of his life, Chris is outrageously funny, exceedingly entertaining, intensely motivational and uniquely lateral. Chris delivers an inspiring address on the human front, and links it naturally and seamlessly into every-day activities. By relating real life experiences, both personal and professional, he creates rapport and an environment in which the audience can identify closely with what he is saying. His natural use of humour is a key part of helping the audience relax and be more open to what follows. Having assisted the Sri Lankan Cricket team to compete successfully on the world stage through his injection of motivation, he is able to combine his experiences in both the sporting and business worlds to capture and hold the attention of his audience. With the desire to always make a difference, push barriers and help others confront issues in order to grow, Chris speaks in a way that creates life-changing shifts in people, which then impact on every aspect of their lives; shifts which change the way people conduct their relationships in the home, with family and children, with staff, and with associates and clients in the business world. In his presentations, Chris stresses the importance of relationships based on truth, integrity and trust, dotted with liberal messages of belief in oneself, and inspiring examples of his personal and business philosophy: ‘There is always a better way’.

Chris, as a professional public speaker, continues to demonstrate his personal mission in life: “To make a difference to every person and business he has the opportunity to interact with”.


Brilliant. That is the only word to describe one of the best presentations I have ever seen'.

Brilliant. That is the only word to describe one of the best presentations I have ever seen'.

'One of the best speakers I have ever heard, and the best kept secret in the public speaking world.'

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