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About Catherine Palin-Brinkworth

Catherine is an in-demand international speaker, leadership mentor and business
growth strategist. She has spoken on platforms in 14 countries, and has trained and
mentored many thousands of emerging leaders and business owners.

Speaking from experience, Catherine has lived a life of personal leadership from
corporate to consulting, from business development to boardroom, from
professional firms to national and international associations. From an original
accountancy background, she had a successful corporate marketing career, then left
to grow her own business consultancy. She soon added a business skills training
organisation while her presence on international platforms grew quickly. In 2003
she was elected to the role of International President of the Global Speakers
Federation. She is a Certified Speaking Professional, a member of the Speakers’ Hall
of Fame and a Global Speaking Fellow.

Raising her son as a sole parent, Catherine completed her Master’s Degree in Social
Ecology and several other behavioural sciences qualifications as she led two
international associations and travelled the world as a speaker and business advisor.
How did she do it? Let her share with you the business and leadership strategies,
systems and skillsets she has developed over the last 20+ years. They are pure gold.


When Catherine spoke for our organisation recently, our people hung on her every word. No-one had previously had her broad experience of both corporate and private business or had the breadth of knowledge in the areas of sales and business development. At the end of her presentation, Catherine was overwhelmed by people wanting to know more and wanting to ask her for mentoring. It was an outstanding success. If you are looking for someone that has the “true gift” of involving her audience, entertaining them and imparting meaningful knowledge that can be put into action, I recommend Catherine to you as the first person that you need to consider.

Ian McManus, CEO My Business Manager

Thank you so much for a very thoughtful and inspirational session on various aspects of leadership and leading change. There was so much to take in – I’m still having thoughts that you triggered pop into my mind. And judging by the effect you were having on the participants, they got a lot out of it too. In fact, I’ve spoken to a couple of them and received very positive feedback, somewhat similar to mine above.

CEO, Advertising Federation of Australia

I recently had the pleasure of working with Catherine on an international webinar that she presented for one of my clients. We were concerned about working with someone from Australia because of time zone differences but Catherine not only stepped-up-to-the-plate, she went beyond the call of duty. When we had a run through at 4 a.m. her time, she was professional, energetic and AWAKE. Then, when it came to the webinar itself, it was at 2 a.m. Australia time and once again Catherine showed her professionalism. My client was impressed and we will work with Catherine again in the future

Jeff Tobe CSP – The Ideal Customer Experience

Want the ability to silence a crowd and have them eating from the palm of your hand? Ask Catherine how she does it time and time again..

Joshua Zampech, Harcourts Coastal

Having interviewed Catherine as a guest on my podcast, Journey Of The Successful Adviser, it was quite obvious Catherine is not only a person of value and integrity, she is absolutely the real deal and extremely knowledgeable in sales, leadership development and personal excellence. It was an absolute pleasure to learn more about Catherine’s fantastic journey and understand how she has built a commanding reputation for her expertise.

James McCracken, Sales Masters Institute

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