Carla Maree Simpson

Carla Maree Simpson

Teaching you to consciously choose happiness in everyday life

About Carla Maree Simpson

Carla Maree is a professional speaker spreading her message with the world that “happiness is a conscious choice”.

Carla Maree is a contagious personality who champions people to be fearless in their choices. At the tender age of 17 she left home and then travelled the world seeking to find herself as an actor. Her hilarious and sometimes dangerous adventures through 49 countries instilled her with a courageous and bold approach to life which enabled her to achieve success in business at an early age.

Believing that businesses fail to recognise the genuine cost of unhappy employees on the bottom line, Carla has designed an effective system to engage employees and drive performance in the workplace while enriching personal lives.

Carla helps individuals awaken and discover that happiness and joy is a conscious choice, we can learn to make everyday no matter what circumstances we are faced with in our everyday lives.

With a humorous and a bright presentation, Carla demonstrates that by challenging the “norms” of business and behaviour and making fearless and bold choices, investments in staff happiness will return dividends through increased productivity, reduced sick leave and lower staff turnover. 

Carla is the owner of an award-winning franchise, Anytime Fitness which she built from the ground up, the founder and owner of the Happy Hot Yoga school, host of the chart-topping podcast Get Happy Hour, author of Get Happy Now, accredited PT and a qualified yoga teacher.

It is Carla’s mission to help as many people as she can on this planet live a happier and more fulfilled life.


"Listening to Carla talk was very refreshing. Her unmeasured energy and nurturing manner cradles her listeners and her vibrant and uplifting positive nature resonated with (everyone) me ever since. Carla not only has an incredible way of discussing her points, she compliments her inspiring messages with an ability to listen, address and discuss any questions or follow ups her audience presents to her. I look forward to watching Carla’s future and the prosperity I am sure it is going to hold.”

Jamie Lee

“Carla was fantastic, the students were enthralled by her speech and really enjoyed her message. The yoga session was challenging but Carla guided the students and gave them options so they were able to join in. I highly recommend Carla Maree to any school wishing to teach their students how to get happy now!"

Renee Keane (Teacher, Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College)

“There are so my positive things I can say about Carla and her ongoing commitment to helping people live a happier and healthier life. Firstly, she lives and breathes her message, she practices what she preaches and there is nothing more powerful than following a teacher who consistently masters their own craft. Secondly, she is fearless in the pursuit of her goals, anyone seeking to learn how to change their life needs to pay attention to how Carla meticulously moves forward with deliberate steps to achieve what she sets out to do. As a speaker, business owner, author, podcast host and an avid learner she is an inspiration to many, myself included. Carla is straight talking, honest and open, not to mention energetic and fun - what more can I say other than you’d be mad not to follow her work or hear what she has to say because it could change your life.”

Glin Bayley - Founder & CEO, Heart of Human

“Carla is an energetic and passionate speaker. Her stories really tug at the emotions and take her message and move it from your brain to your sole. I would highly recommend if you get the chance to see Carla speak that you jump at it and take full advantage of her message.”

David Lindsey

“Carla captivated me from the moment she stepped on stage. Her warmth and passion was undeniable but it was her personal and extremely vulnerable story that really resonated for me. I left the talk with a tear in my eye and inspiration in my heart, believing pursuing my dreams wasn't just a fairytale. I now run my own business as a nutritionist and a yoga instructor and feel like I shine brighter everyday, doing what truly makes me happy.”

Claire Barker

“Carla is one of a kind, with an inspirational passion for life, an laugh infectious laugh and a fun loving, courageous spirit. After listening to her speak you feel inspired to be a better version of yourself. Carla is one of the most authentic, enthusiastic and high energy speakers that I have seen and I highly recommend her to anyone!”

Trish Bowditch

“Carla is an outstanding speaker and inspires others to Get Happy Now”

Sam Cawthorn, Speakers Institute

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