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Peter Thurin

Australia's Foremost Authority on Performance Excellence

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Peter Thurin has been empowering thousands of people from all parts of the world for over a dozen years. As a leading professional speaker, author, success mentor, facilitator and international business consultant, Peter continues to inspire audiences in every major continent. He is a powerful catalyst for ongoing change, with his relentless focus on motivation, commitment and a passionately desired end result.

On his own life journey, Peter Thurin has owned and run several successful Melbourne pharmacies over 20 years, represented Australia twice internationally in tennis, been the chairman of the match committee of one of Australia’s largest junior Australian Rules football clubs, and achieved a third Dan blackbelt in taekwondo.

But his greatest triumphs have come through his many interactions with organisations and associations, attested to by the thousands of people who attribute their ongoing successes to Peter’s inspiring principles.

Inspiring and mentoring people across the country and around the world, Peter uses his rare energetic personality, skills and business experience to help people achieve their own personal black belt in excellence: empowering people to be the best they can be…one stripe at a time, one belt at a time, all the way to their very own “black belt”.

Peter Thurin is also an author, whose book Be the best you can be is changing lives around the globe. He has presented for companies such as BASF, Mercedes, Lend Lease, KPMG, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Sigma Pharmaceuticals, Optus, Telstra, AMP, The Flight Centre, National Australia Bank, Seek, McDonalds, Orica, Arnotts, Apple, Nissan, Metcash and many others.


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“One of my primary goals is to encourage people to get into the game. After all, our achievements are determined by the decisions we make. Life is full of choices –‘easy to do, easy not to do’. You have to decide whether you are merely interested in success or absolutely committed. That’s the decision I want you to make out of this session.”

What you will learn

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Peter is a successful entrepreneur who has taken on the big guys and won. He has a 3rd Dan black belt in Taekwando and he uses the metaphor of martial arts to lead organisations, teams and individuals to achieve black-belt levels of performance excellence.

Peter works with energy, motivation and insight. He is an inspirational Australian keynote speaker, engaging EmCee and a skillful facilitator and educator. His clients value his unique ideas that are delivered with a bang.

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Current presentations

Blackbelt in Excellence

Peter Thurin’s Blackbelt in Excellence keynote gives people the tools, structures and motivation to achieve excellence in any part of their life.
Organisations and the people within them strive for excellence, yet forward progress can often seem elusive and true “excellence” is rarely attained. This keynote uncovers the hidden motivation design in martial arts and applies it to everyday life. It provides people with an understanding that, on their own, big picture goals are not enough - and true, sustainable progress comes from the achievement of smaller goals, stepping stones that lead to excel-
Peter uses real-life stories and examples from his career building a high successful retail pharmacy business and his own personal
journey to a black belt in taekwondo. He creates forward momentum in leadership excellence and teamwork excellence. The keynote is a
catalyst for personal excellence and gives people the tools
and courage to “get into the game”.
• discover the hidden success principles built into martial arts
• learn how to adopt those principles into your everyday life
• be energised, inspired and motivated to make your life remarkable
• have the tools to map out your own journey to black belt

Change Excellence

The Change Excellence keynote equips teams and organisations to embrace and make the most of the changes happening around them.
We all know change can be difficult for our team members. Whether we’re on the strategy side or we’re the one’s receiving the change, it’s a time of uncer-
tainty and flux. This keynote gives people the mental mindsets and frameworks to face their changes with courage and grow positively through the change process. People leave this session actively looking for ways they can contribute will be better off as a result of the change.
Using examples from his own career and drawing on the stories from the hundreds of companies he works with, Peter will give your people the practical tools to strengthen their resilience, improve their mental agility, and embrace situations that may be awkward and uncomfortable.
• connect their purpose with the
change purpose
• learn to assess their own “change-ability”
• be prepared and willing to embrace uncertainty
• have the skills to lead others through change

Retail Excellence

What combination of culture, rituals, routines and rewards make for an outstanding retail team? How do you fashion a retail environment that brings
the best out in your people AND your customers?
Peter Thurin is someone who has taken on the big-boys in retail and won. With an unrelenting focus on individual relationships both within and outside his business, Peter overcame the buying-power handicap to drive out his much
larger competition.
In this high-energy keynote Peter draws on his 20 years successful retail leadership and 15 years of working with the top organisations around the globe to bring you the ideas, insights and useful tools to create retail excellence.
• how to delight your team first then see customers delighted
• the three rules for retail success: Process | People | Results
• the power of WIN - What’s Important Now
• to focus on excellence INSIDE the box, before outside the box
• the power of small-moments of leadership

The Top 300 Organisations

Do you want to know what the top 300 organisations around the world do differently?
Peter will take your people on a journey around the world sharing first-hand stories of organisations that have become and remain remarkable where other companies have moved to mediocre and at times irrelevant.
Through his research and global experience with outstanding companies Peter has developed The 7 Drivers of Organisational Success. Organisations that
genuinely place customers and their people at the heart of the business, where people understand their role in where the company is headed, and continually improve how they work... These are the successful organisations and they all follow the 7 Drivers of Organisational Success.
• learn the 7 Drivers of Organisational Success
• bdevelop an agressive focus on being better today than yesterday
• receive the tools to drive excellence in their teams
• be motivated and inspired to be remarkable
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Peter Thurin - A true inspirational Spirit! Each session has had a profound effect on people. Peter has been able to connect to the audiences at one of the deepest levels I have seen. He was also able to lift the energy in the room and move the group mind set into that very powerful space of "high creativity", supplying a path to see a way through to focus on the 20% that matters.

Greg Tonner, Vice Presiden - Optus
Peter, you didn’t just inspire my organization, you changed our way of thinking. Your approach of telling stories, sharing failures and successes has brought out the remarkable in my team! I see it every day as I walk the halls and hear how my team weave this new way of thinking in to their everyday professional and personal lives

Chris Rajiah, Senior VP Denver USA - Viawest
Thank you for a fantastic program I am writing to thank you for the fantastic program that you put together for our leadership forum. Feedback from the sessions that you ran was absolutely tremendous. Both the content of the sessions and the mode of delivery was first rate and I have no doubt that the messages you conveyed really resonated with our team. I also really appreciate the time you took to understand our business and integrate these learning’s into your sessions. I look forward to working together in the future.

Paul Bassat, Chief Executive Officer - Seek
Thank you for your energy and enthusiasm. Peter added a huge amount of energy to our Global Management Team Meeting and gave us the spirit to take up any kind of challenge. It was a pleasure to work with him because of his highly professional working style, very positive attitude and great personality.

Hans W. Reiners, Global Presiden - BASF
A standing ovation that went on forever! Peter was absolutely perfect. It was such a great way to finish our conference everybody left feeling pumped, excited and ready to take on the world! Peter was an absolute pleasure to work with. He really went all out to include as much Epson information and details in his presentation as possible. We will definitely utilise Peter in the future.

Toni Pensa, National Sales Manager - EPSON

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