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Neryl East

I work with current and future leaders who want to be heard, stand out and command influence

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Dr Neryl East CSP is a media, communication and credibility expert who shows current and future leaders how to be heard, stand out and command influence. 
As a TV and radio journalist she interviewed everyone from Prime Ministers and celebrities to disaster survivors, and her role as an Olympic announcer saw her fronting the microphone to crowds of 20,000.  
Neryl spent more than a decade managing issues in the volatile world of government, including the fall-out from one of Australia’s biggest corruption scandals. She has a PhD in Journalism and is the author of five books including an Amazon best-seller. 
Neryl is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), a designation awarded to only a small percentage of outstanding speakers globally. 


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Neryl understands the power of influence; where to get it and how to use it in a positive way.

What you will learn

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Credibility – and the skills to communicate with impact – are the keys that open doors in our reputation-driven world.

When it comes to building your influence and credibility, no-one approaches it like Dr Neryl East.

With the skills to make more impact every time you communicate, you’ll get more done faster, have better relationships and accelerate your success in business and life. 

You’ll leave Neryl's presentation knowing how to: 

  • Communicate in a way that makes others take notice

  • Power up your credibility

  • Create great connections so people want to listen

  • Get your message across clearly

  • Build an outstanding reputation for your business

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Current presentations

Ignite Your Influence

The keys to communicating with confidence and credibility so that you’re a champion influencer in business and life 
In an age of loudly competing voices, it’s never been more important for leaders and teams to have outstanding skills as credible and influential communicators. 
Yet, poor communication continues to cripple organisations and hinder careers. Across business, government and not-for-profits, the common factor holding people back is a lack of confidence when they communicate.  
That applies to communication of all kinds; from conversations, interviews and phone calls to team meetings, small and large presentations and written communication. 
From the hidden stories we tell ourselves to powerful lessons learned in a career spanning TV, the Olympics and some of Australia’s biggest public scandals, Neryl takes you on an entertaining journey that will ignite the influential communicator within you. 
Specific audience takeaways 
Sure-fire ways to get your message across, every time 
Strategies to radiate confidence and presence (even when you’re not feeling it!) 
How to become your own “reputation ambassador” 
Kicking goals that win business and earn promotion 
Ignite Your Influence is perfect for audiences who want to increase their influence and success, and businesses and organisations requiring inspired and confident staff. This presentation can be tailored to any length between 30 and 120 minutes. 

Leadership in the Spotlight

How to be a leader who commands attention through outstanding communication  
The whole world is now one giant media platform. Your performance is being judged by a global audience and any mis-step has the potential to spark a social media frenzy. 
Leaders must adapt to this shifting environment, even if they didn’t begin their career in the digital age. 
What does it take to be a leader in this often blinding spotlight? You need to be an astute, credible and strategic communicator, able to persuade and influence while remaining authentic and always respecting the critical contribution of your team. 
Neryl East elevates the skills of leaders in government, business and the not-for-profit sector so that they have credibility, confidence and influence in all their interactions. She brings her own experience in the media spotlight to this vibrant presentation. 
Specific audience takeaways 
How to stand out (for the right reasons) when the world is watching 
The keys to turning reputation risks into communication triumphs 
What to say in high-stakes situations 
Leadership in the Spotlight is perfect for current, emerging and aspiring leaders in any sector or organisation that’s serious about creating and sustaining a positive reputation. This presentation can be tailored to any length between 30 and 120 minutes. 

The Keys to Firing Up Your Team

How to unleash the power of your staff as reputation ambassadors for your business.  
In our reputation-driven world, people are making snap judgements about your business based on what others (even strangers) tell them. Often, those third-party comments carry more weight than anything the organisation actually does.  
On top of that, research shows your staff have more credibility than the CEO when they talk about your organisation. The question is, do you know what they’re saying?  
Everyone in your team has a new and pivotal role to play, regardless of their role.  Whether they know it or not, they’re your organisation’s secret reputation weapon. 
This presentation shifts thinking as leaders and team members gain a new perspective on the critical importance of clear communication within your business – and how to use your communication channels for maximum impact.  
Specific audience takeaways 
What it really takes to build trust between leaders and teams 
How to be so clear with your message your team gets it the first time 
The keys to engaging employees so they step into their power as reputation ambassadors 
The Keys to Firing Up Your Team is perfect for leaders and team members who want to improve the way they communicate with each other so they can build a stand-out organisation. This presentation can be tailored to any length between 30 and 120 minutes. 

Disrupt Your Life

Create your own kind of extraordinary through the choices you make  
every day. 
What would your life be like if you achieved something remarkable – a goal beyond whatever you dreamed you could reach? 
How would your business or organisation be different if your team showed up every day ready to take action for extraordinary results? 
The tiny, seemingly insignificant choices we make every day determine our actions and shape our life; yet many people live passively, waiting for circumstances to dictate their decisions. 
In business, that translates to big problems like poor productivity, absenteeism and staff turnover. 
More broadly, it creates a world of wasted potential, littered with broken relationships, chronic health issues and unfulfilled lives. 
Disrupt Your Life is a highly engaging presentation delivered jointly by Neryl East and her husband, Michael McKeogh. It tells the remarkable story of Mike’s journey from trauma patient to international sporting medallist - while running an award-winning business.  
Audiences hear this compelling message: You don’t need to wait until a major problem or negative experience forces you to make changes. You can take the initiative by disrupting your own life. 
Specific audience takeaways: 
New insights about the potent combination of clear goals, deliberate choices and daily actions 
A desire to make better quality decisions at work and in your personal life 
How to build strong momentum that will overcome obstacles and propel you to the next level of success in any area of life  
Disrupt Your Life is a 40-minute keynote presentation, which can be shortened or extended to meet the requirements of your program. It is usually delivered jointly by Neryl and Mike, and can also be presented by either of them individually. It is perfect for business and mainstream audiences of any size. 

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Her passion, energy, immense knowledge and easy style has made her a favourite

Caryn Morgan - Conference and Event Organiser
A fantastic presentation

Peta Moore - Professional Conference Organisers Association Inc.
Very motivating, inspiring, funny and full of fabulous advice.

Jane Holdsworth - Australian Local Government Women’s Association conference
Inspired. Amazed. Uplifted. Stunned. What an amazing story!!

Graeme Akhurst - audience member

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