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Matina Jewell

Helping leaders to build resilient teams

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Matina Jewell is a transformative leader providing life-changing perspective from the front-line of leadership, resilience and change. Matina earned military accolades in some of the toughest environments on earth and her courageous decision making, values-based leadership and vision for empowering teams continue to transform organisations globally. Matina has been a Prime Ministerial advisor, is a sought-after international keynote speaker and bestselling author.

Major Matina Jewell (Retd) CSP is an inspirational trailblazer, helping leaders build resilient teams to thrive through change. Recognised in the ‘AFR 100 Women of Influence 2018’ Awards, Matina is a Telstra Business Awards Finalist, and named by CPA Australia as a ‘Top-10 smart thinker’. Among many honorary roles, Matina is a founding Ambassador for Project Thankful, a movement partnered with the United Nations to help empower women and children globally.

Matina’s incredible life story has been optioned for a global feature film. Major Matina Jewell (Retired) CSP is leadership in action.

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Matina’s lessons on leadership, resilience and seeing change as an opportunity have transformed some of our largest organisations. Her message of courage continues to empower leaders and transform mindsets from all walks of life.

What you will learn

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A Military Trailblazer

Major Matina Jewell (Retd) CSP grew up in the hinterland of Byron Bay and joined the Army at age 17.

During her 15 year military career, Matina:

  • Served on five missions and earned eight war medals

  • Is the only Australian to receive two Republic of Lebanon war medals for bravery on the battlefield and wounded in combat

  • At 23yo, was appointed Officer in Command of the Army Department and Diving Officer for HMAS Kanimbla, then Australia’s largest Navy ship

  • Was the first woman in the Australian Army to complete the physically demanding ‘Navy Diver’ course

  • Worked with the elite SAS and American Navy Seals

  • Tracked-down militia leaders in the Solomon Islands

  • Fast-roped from helicopters

  • Boarded smuggler ships in the Arabian Gulf

  • Trained in three languages (Bahasa Indonesian, Arabic and English)

  • Gained her Masters in Project Management

  • Was selected as a Peacekeeper with the United Nations in Syria and Lebanon

A Change Champion

Since being medically retired, Matina has continued to champion change for veterans and others in honorary and advisory roles, including:

  • Prime Ministerial Advisory Council

  • National Mental Health Forum

  • ANZAC Centenary Commission, alongside former Prime Ministers Bob Hawke and the late Malcolm Fraser

  • National Suicide Prevention Commission Advisor

  • Australian Peacekeeping Memorial Project – Ambassador

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Current presentations


Matina draws on her extraordinary experience of conquering one seemingly insurmountable leadership challenge after another, to help reframe our perspective on life.
In her relatable, girl-next-door style, Matina reminds us that it takes leaders who are courageous and have the vision to take their organisation into a direction,
where they may not be 100%  certain how things will look on the other side.


Through courageous decision making, Matina shares how she overcame almost inconceivable life and death situations, often in some of the harshest environments on earth. Always drawing out the learning, Matina shares how resilient organisations can be better equipped for everyday challenges and major disruption, all while protecting our most valuable asset, our people.


With the uncertainty that comes from the ‘fog of war’ comes the certainty of change. With so many of us ‘change weary’, Matina reminds us that it takes leaders who are able to shift our team mindset to one that embraces change, rather than fearing and resisting it, to help create a culture that thrives through change.


Create deep and lasting change inyourself and your team with  Matina’s impactful ‘war room workshops.’

This unique experience, tailored to your specific challenges, is the catalyst to building more resilient, united, high performing teams. Lead with authenticity and integrity to help transform the culture for your ‘corporate battlefield’

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Matina Jewell was our guest speaker at our forums in each state. Matina took the time to understand what we were looking for, speaking with key stakeholders across the business. Her very personal story was adaptable and relatable and resonated deeply with a diverse audience. Matina is a consummate professional and a pleasure to work with. She interacted with our attendees before and after the sessions, as well as working closely with our corporate team. Thank you Matina for the outstanding contribution you made to our forum.

Gabby Kelly - General Manager Operations Australia and New Zealand, Bakers Delight
Matina embodies the spirit and courage of a determined woman who will not let adversity get in her way. She is an inspiration, role model to all around the world who are lucky enough to hear her story. I came away from her presentation with a renewed focus and mindset on who I am as an individual, a parent, a friend and employee.

Kylie Garthwaite - Sales Development Manager, Toyota Finance Australia
Matina’s talk was the centrepiece of our conference program and her deeply personal message was full of optimism and hope as she shared with us about leadership, resilience and change. Her presentation put our members in a mindset of learning and possibility.

Brad Busch - Chairman of the Board, itSMF Australia
Matina is a powerful and engaging speaker with a story to match. Our audience was captivated [and] were able to take away valuable business lessons on leadership and change management in particular.

Phil Peters - Head of Aligned Investments, Challenger
The most powerful speaker you will ever see

Country Fire Authority

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