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Kerri Pottharst

Beach Volleyball Olympic Gold Medallist and Inspirational Speaker

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Kerri Pottharst is Australia's most decorated Indoor and Beach Volleyball player, having represented her country for an incredible 20 years. Renowned for being one of the fiercest competitors in the world of Volleyball, Kerri is now also known for being a successful inspirational speaker and presenter, entrepreneur and published author.

When Kerri took up volleyball at the age of 15, she hadn't yet dreamed of becoming an Olympic champion. In 1992 a sickening knee injury should have ended her career, but in her typical no-nonsense style, Kerri recovered late in 1993, changed her goals to Beach Volleyball and then went on to compete in 3 Olympic Games and win two Olympic medals - Bronze at Atlanta and then the Gold against Brazil during the Sydney 2000 Games. As testament to Kerri's abilities, since 1994 she has never been out of the top 10 and rarely out of the top six in International Beach Volleyball events.

Having retired from International level competition, Kerri’s Golden journey continues as she now shares her Gold Medal Excellence strategies with corporate audiences to inspire them on their own journey to success. She works closely with her audiences, delivering inspirational presentations (that can be followed with a fun session of beach volleyball) and weaving important messages of teamwork, skill, trust, relationship building, leadership and communication into an unforgettable day that will deliver tangible results.

Using entertaining anecdotes from her experiences as a competitor, and as a regular commentator at the Olympic Games and other sporting events, Kerri motivates and inspires her audiences to overcome their fears and self doubts, to set goals and to push through the barriers to achieve them. An expert at reinventing herself time and time again, Kerri can relate to the constant need to deal with a changing world to stay successful and reach even greater goals.

Kerri’s unique message is as relevant to high level executives as it is to more junior teams, as reflected by her skills in coaching staff at all levels to work together as a cohesive and effective team. Her in-depth research and preparation ensures the content is relevant and specific to each audience, every time, A consummate professional and experienced presenter, she is as quick-thinking on her feet now as she was on the courts.

Amongst Kerri’s many skills is her innate ability to connect with the audience in a way that is warm, authentic, and most importantly, relatable. The same strategies that took her to Gold are easily adapted by audiences to achieve their own corporate and personal goals.

For many, the two highlights of Kerri’s presentations are the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for audiences to hold her Olympic Gold medal for themselves, and the Walk of Courage - the chance for them to push their personal boundaries by walking on broken glass.

Both unique experiences reinforce Kerri’s inspiration for everyone to become a champion in their own right.


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"To win you must first be able to dream and actually picture yourself having achieved your dream. Then it's time to take massive action!" -Kerri Pottharst-

What you will learn

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She brings her hard-earned skills of leadership, teamwork, communication and more to Australia's corporate audiences with unforgettable tales that combine motivational messages with fun - and the rare experience of networking one on one with an Olympic hero

Kerri Pottharst had the world at her feet. One of Australia's most accomplished volleyball players ever. Then... disaster struck. With one jump her career was over... or was it?

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Current presentations

Don't just think it - Ink it!

Share with Kerri the secret to how she and her team turned their Bronze from the Atlanta Olympic Games into Gold in Sydney 2000. Her stories of overcoming setback, injury, and defeat will inspire you to push beyond your limits and she'll have you thinking about how you can achieve more than you ever have before.

The importance of Goal Setting is so often undervalued. goal settings is all aboutcreating a path you need to take to achieve success and understanding how to take the journey in the short steps. By finding out where you are today and where you'd like to be you can implement the rules and proccesses involved in setting goals and actually ACHIEVE them!

Understanding the purpose of your goals and aligning them to both your personal and/or Corporate values and vision, your internal dialogue will allow you to develop a clear plan of action that details each step to success.

With the goal settung process you will also discover the crucial element to fulfilling your goals - and identifying the typical excuses we give ourselves for not succeeding and learning how to overcome them so that you're never hold yourself back again.

Dream - Plan - Act - Suceed

Share with Kerri the secret to how she and her team turned their Bronze from the Atlanta Olympic Games into Gold in Sydney 2000. Her stories of overcoming setback, injury, and defeat will inspire you to push beyond your limits and she'll have you thinking about how you can achieve more than you ever have before.

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Thanks so much for sharing your journey of "Turning Bronze into Gold." The team were definitely inspired by your personal story of achievement and really enjoyed playing beach volleyball with an Olympic gold medallist. I personally found it to be a great session and surprised myself by walking on broken glass ... twice! Then having the whole of the Westpac Risk Leadership Team walk on broken glass is something I thought would never happen.

Greg Targett - The Westpac Group
Dear Kerri, on all accounts you were fabulous! Thank you so very much for your support. I have had phone calls and many comments about how professional, motivating and entertaining you were. My only complaint is that I missed it! Thank you again. I look forward to the possibility of working with you again.

Erin Adams - Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children (RIDBC)
Thanks for being an advocate, friend, champion and support of our Special Olympics athletes. Everyone can achieve their personal best in sport in life! Your speech and motivation at this week Inspirational Breakfast to support Special Olympics Australia was truly inspiring - THANK YOU THANK YOU for support our charity and movement!

Special Olympics Australia
Thank you for your inspirational, motivational and highly entertaining talk. I hope you're still on the speaking circuit when my daughters get to high school - I would love for them to be inspired by your words of wisdom to be the best they can be.

Melissa Lammers - Shire Legal
Comments from participants at Sullivan Dewing: “Loved hearing the story of Kerri’s journey” “Kerri was inspirational” “Walking on glass was very different” “Kerri was a great speaker & inspirational” “Guest speaker was excellent” “Kerri – very practical advice” ”Kerri Pottharst motivational speech was terrific. Very suitable speaker for the event” “Enjoyed talk by Kerri – very inspiring! Love the way it was presented.”

Jennifer Palmer - Sullivan Dewing Pty Limited

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