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Hello opportunity, Goodbye commission!

About us

We are an exciting new Advertising and Marketing platform to help Speakers, MC’s, and Corporate Entertainers increase their number of direct bookings. We appreciate presenters are already getting direct bookings and we want to help increase that amount without any loss from commissions. It’s not another bureau or agency, we are here to market you, the presenter, direct to event organisers.

We dare say your main marketing channels consist of your website, your social media and good old ‘word of mouth’. Our role here is to get more people looking at you so they can connect with you direct.

Our team have been involved with the speaking industry for two decades with extensive experience in booking speakers and planning events. We have partnered with speakers and marketing specialists to formulate a win/win solution for everyone that is speaking, or needs speakers.

Book Speakers Direct is an extension of speaker’s marketing; by working with lots of great presenters we have the opportunity to create change and help clients find speakers in the categories they are looking for. We provide a platform to freely choose and make their own informed decision as we’re not pushing exclusives or preferred speakers.

For a truly minimal, tax deductible marketing investment with us you have an opportunity like never before to be marketed in a way that encourages direct contact. Let’s be blunt, one direct booking via our platform pays for itself.

For around $40 a week we provide a fully interactive webpage that will include your bio, photos, videos, testimonials and your contact details for potential clients to book you direct. You can update your page any time, you will have analytics at your fingertips, and as we evolve we are going to keep providing more services.

Another exciting feature of your membership is that you will be invited in as a member of the exclusive BSD Community, the Go-To-Place for ground breakers and change makers, along with your fellow speakers.  The BSD Community supports experienced and emerging presenters with fortnightly webinars and a LinkedIn Engagement Group., and sites like Webjet were created in response to consumer demand for choice and they want direct contact and this is why we created a Central Hub for speakers, MCs and entertainers at

For years now we have been inspired by brilliant guest speakers that have told us to be brave, be bold, and be downright audacious. They have encouraged us to think out of the box and stand out from the crowd.

This is your chance to join us and create something special that helps speakers and clients connect direct more often and to say “Hello Opportunities, Goodbye Commissions.”

To create a Central Hub for speakers to be found by clients and booked direct.  From our eighteen years of experience, two things have become very clear and that is, one of the speakers’ biggest challenges is to be found and that speakers would like more direct bookings.  By creating Book Speakers Direct, we have provided a level playing field for experienced presenters and emerging talent too.

We have watched speakers grow and try to build their reputation, via word of mouth.  We see speakers working hard on perfecting their own brand, honing their stagecraft and their presentation skills, they pay for their own website, they pay for PR and marketing and work hard to be found on social platforms.  Their next biggest challenge is finding more audiences and more opportunities. 

To help with this challenge, is why we created Book Speakers Direct.  By breaking with the traditional method, we are asking speakers to invest with us, which is an investment in themselves.  Our marketing is directed at making a lot of noise to drive traffic to the Central Hub, to create those opportunities for more people.  No one is playing favourites or pushing preferred ‘products’, the client can make their own decision.  

Our why is to become the number one platform for speakers to be found by clients and not have to pay a commission for the hard work they have put into their speaking careers, after all, it is you, the speaker, who is doing all the work.

  • Partnering with associates in their field of expertise.
  • Building the website with smart IT experts
  • Partnering with marketing experts that are building a strong brand across all platforms
  • Speaking with speakers to gain their insights to what they want
  • Marketing heavily to Professional Conference Organisers who make up a substantial percentage of speaker bookings and dealing with you directly will make their process so much easier
  • Advertising and partnering with event industry bodies making them well aware that there is this new alternative available to them
  • A strategic plan has been implemented to get our brand out to the corporate decision makers

We are getting ready to GO and now we need the most important element… YOU.


The benefits

Convert more sales
more opportunities
Deal direct
Deal direct with your customer
Control your marketing
You control your marketing
No commissions ever
Pay no commissions ever
Help your fellow speaker
Help your fellow speaker
Opportunity to grow
An opportunity like no other to elevate your business
Tax deductable
Pay a tax deductible subscription
Payment options
Payment options available
Analytics at your fingertips

Your profile page

Update your profile with ease

Password protect your details

Password protected web page to update as you desire

New age responsiveness

Easy-to-use contemporary, responsive website design

Direct contact through our contact forms

One click detailed enquiry briefing form pop up

Integrate your social platforms

Integrate with your social media platforms and your website

Upload your video content

Insert images, video, content, and latest testimonials

Bring disruption

Be a part of disrupting the speaker industry in it’s current format

What are the payment options

The investment is an annual membership fee of $1,980, inclusive of GST. This represents less than the normal commission a bureau would take from one or two engagements, where the gross speaker fee is around $6,500 + GST. This means you only need to convert one or two bookings and then you are saving yourself 25-30% for all additional bookings converted through Several speakers we have spoken to are saying – this is a no-brainer!

One payment




You will be billed annually.

Four payments




You will be billed every 3 months.

Twelve payments




You will be billed every month.

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