Schedule time after your conference to reflect and implement new strategies

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When planning your event, do you schedule time after your event to allow yourself and your team to implement the wonderful ideas and tips gained from your event?

The valuable lessons learnt at the event, the enthusiasm it raises in your team members and the inspiration gained would be wasted if you don’t allow time to discuss these with your team, therefore create ways to put them in practise and then enjoy the rewards of creating new habits that embrace the lessons and grow your business and your team.

I have been to too many company conferences where we are all gee’d up and excited at what the guest speakers have said and what we have learned to only go back to work and let those insights get lost in the ether.  I have worked with too many staff members that are not interested in going to the conference, even if it means a change of scenery and drinks on the company because they know nothing is going to change!

Therefore, plan the time after the conference and get the team together to discuss what they all took away from the event.  Check out what their impressions were and how to work to fine tune the event next time. Discuss what made the most impact and how the lessons can be used to enhance your business currently.  Ask for the team’s help, honour their suggestions, get everyone involved in how to implement the tips and tricks shared.

Providing your team with responsibility creates a greater pride in their work and the outcomes that follow.  Perhaps take it further and schedule in regular meetings to chat to the whole team about the progress of these tasks and allow the opportunity to openly discuss the successes and also the issues, so others can become involved and come up with solutions.

Don’t let it happen again, the money you invest on the conference needs to show a return, allow the time after the conference to be factored in and you will get the best value for your money spent!

You spend the time searching for the right speakers for your event, to present the messages that best suit your brief and your audience.  These speakers are experts in their field, they research and fine tune their messages to ensure they are tailoring their material to best suit your needs. Make use of this incredible information to help your business and your team grow.

How about your company, are the messages and insights implemented?

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