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It’s a huge THANK YOU to these four wonderful speakers for presenting a fantastic Positivity Webinar on Tuesday 24 March.

Thank you to all of them for sharing their time and their expertise.

We tackled ‘keeping a positive mindset’, with Rob Hartnett, ‘learnt how to deal with our fears’ from the wonderful Dr Amy Silver and then wrapped it up with Peter Thurin, the most Positive Human Being we know!

Our host for the evening was the fabulous Warwick Merry, who really is the Best Virtual MC in the business. He was the linchpin that  kept it tight, relevant and SO much fun. This unique opportunity to hear from experts, was just so good that we have recorded it for your viewing pleasure.

Positivity Webinar: FU-COVID-19

After this session you will walk away with:

  • 5 Ideas on how to keep a positive mindset in tough time
  • 4 New Skills to dealing with Fears
  • 3 Simple Steps to Taking Positive Actions
  • 2 (possibly more) Funny Jokes from the host
  • Which all adds up to
  • 1 Fantastic session that says FU to Covid-19

Missed it? Catch up below: