Get contacted direct for speaking engagements with Book Speakers Direct

Register your details on our Speakers Directory, so you can be found by people actively searching for speakers to hire for upcoming events. We display your contact details, profile, testimonials and show reel. You pay zero / no commission and you deal direct with the clients.

Event planners come to us

They search for speakers

They find you and enquire direct

You win the job and get paid

Let our good friend Julian Mather explain

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to register your details?

The cost is only AUD$550 per annum

  • What makes Book Speakers Direct different?

We are not a bureau or agency, Book Speakers Direct is a Marketing Platform, a Central Hub for Clients to deal direct with Speakers.

  • Do we take commissions?

No, we don’t take a commission – as all dealings are via speaker and client.

  • Do we charge clients to book speakers?

Again, we are not a bureau or agency, so we do not charge clients an administration fee; it is a free service for event planners and bookers.

  • What if bureaus and agencies stopped using me?

We cannot speak for others but why would they, speakers already take direct bookings.  We encourage bureaus to use our Speakers Directory to help secure engagements for their presenters.

  • How does the speaker get paid for the work?

All financial dealings are done between the speaker and the client; we do not handle, touch, or withhold any monies from the client.

  • Who do you market to?

Professional Conference Organisers, Event Planners, Corporations, Associations and Government departments, everyone booking speakers.  Our almost two decades of experience has given us the knowledge of who book speakers and to market to them, for your success.

  • Why should I pay to be on a website when I don’t have to on other speaker websites?

Because we are not like other speaker websites – they are geared to receive phone calls at their office, so that they can control the sales process / enquiry. They don’t show your contact details; we show all your contact details. Bureaus and agencies have exclusive / preferred presenters in every category that they prefer to use to get the job. You are relying on the consultant to sell you. You have no control over the opportunity! Their business model is based on taking a 25-30% commission on every job.

There are terrific agencies and consultants who do a wonderful job for their clients. On BSD you pay $500 per year to be advertised to potential event planners.

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