So what's in it for Speakers?

The opportunity to be booked direct and take control of your marketing, like never before.

Our Speakers Directory lets you display your direct contact details, bio, show reel, social media links, testimonials, in fact everything a potential client needs to know about what your unique offer is. 

Plus, coming soon, a world first for presenters – we have created  Speaker Engine – a tailored “One Stop Shop” for all your marketing needs.

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One thing we have learned from Covid 19 is that the game has changed and professional presenters, now more than ever, need every tool available to them, to secure speaking engagements.

Our goal at Book Speakers Direct is to empower and help Speakers, MC’s and Entertainers grow their businesses via:

  • Our Directory, where your contact details are on display and No Commission to be paid!
  • Our Speaker Engine Marketing Software (coming soon) providing all your system needs.
  • Being marketed by experienced speaker consultants, with decades of experience.
  • Collaborating to grow your speaking practice post Covid.

Let our good friend Julian Mather explain

How does Book Speakers Direct work?

We are an advertising and marketing platform, similar to those for cars, real estate and
travel.  We give the consumer the opportunity to deal with you direct or via our experienced consultants.

We are an affordable subscription based model, that will market you to professional conference organisers, event planners, corporations, associations and government bodies who are looking for guest speakers, MCs and entertainers for their events.

Then there is our Speaker Engine Marketing Software which is being described as the “One Stop Shop” system to help speakers Attract, Nurture and Convert More Sales. We are very excited to launch this soon.

Get connected with more opportunity

Event planners come to us

They search for speakers

They find you and enquire direct

You win the job and get paid

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What industry experience do the founders have?

We have been booking speakers since 2001, 15 Years with the two biggest bureaus in Australia and 4 years running our own events company.

  • What makes Book Speakers Direct different?

We are not a bureau or agency, Book Speakers Direct is a Marketing Platform, a Central Hub for Clients to deal direct with Speakers.

  • Do we take commissions?

No, we don’t take a commission – the speaker is doing all the work so we believe they should receive their full amount.

  • Do we charge clients to book speakers?

Again, we are not a bureau or agency, so we do not charge clients an administration fee; it is a free service for event planners and bookers.

  • What if bureaus and agencies stopped using me?

We cannot speak for others but why would they, speakers already take direct bookings. Are they going to stop using other speakers on the platform like Todd Sampson, Lisa Wilkinson, Glenn McGrath, Rowdy McLean, Matina Jewel, Kerri Pottharst, Ian Stephens, Graeme Cowan, Colin D Ellis, Terry Hawkings, Sebastian Terry etc?

  • What is the Book Speakers Direct Community?

An opportunity for speakers to connect with each other and help each other.  Speakers reach out to meet up, when they are visiting interstate; they help with boosting social engagement and sharing other speakers’ information with their own clients. Book Speakers Direct provide regular Masterclasses on topics relevant to you and your career, we provide a platform for referrals and connections.

  • How many bookings do we have?

We don’t handle any bookings; we create opportunities for speakers to be booked.

  • How does the speaker get paid for the work?

All financial dealings are done between the speaker and the client; we do not handle, touch, or withhold any monies from the client.

  • Who do you market to?

Professional Conference Organisers, Event Planners, Corporations, Associations and Government departments, everyone booking speakers.  Our almost two decades of experience has given us the knowledge of who book speakers and to market to them, for your success.

  • Why should I pay to be on a website when I don’t have to on other speaker websites?

Because we are not like other speaker websites – they are geared to receive phone calls at their office, they control the enquiry. They withhold your contact details; we show all your contact details. Bureaus and agencies have several exclusive presenters in every category that they must ‘push’ to get the job. You are relying on the consultant to sell you. You have no control over the opportunity! Instead of paying a 25-30% commission on every job, you pay as little as $150 per month, which is tax-deductable and you keep all the money.

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