Event planners, what are your pain points and how can we help you?

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Okay this is a pretty broad question, so I’ll narrow it down to where we’re coming from…

We come from the guest speakers’ world – does that make that question a bit more focussed? 

After almost two decades working as consultants in speakers bureaux, we experienced many situations where we couldn’t help our client because we either didn’t have speakers in their price bracket or we had’ rules’ to work within, that were more company centred than the client. Many of our clients’ questions were simple enough and made sense, so we offered suggestion to provide a solution, even if it meant they didn’t book with us that time. As a result though, they did come back to us next time, it did actually work out this way.

So, this is not about us, it is about you the event planner!  How would you like to go to one website, search a particular topic for the theme of your conference, find a few speakers to consider, ring them right away to chat about the brief, their suitability and their availability too?  Wouldn’t that be quicker and easier than waiting for someone to come back to you within 48 hours, with a list, then you spend time working out if they will fit, book one and wait until two weeks before the event to talk to them???  

Time and money are two factors we understand are at the centre of your event project planning.  Would you find it better to spend your time chatting to the speaker who fits your brief, getting succinct answers and booking them?  In fact, would it be easier and more time efficient to know what the speaker charges for a keynote, even before you contact them?  We have all of this displayed so you can make a more informed choice.

No administration fees are charged, you don’t have to factor this in to your budget. 

It’s because we understand that we created this platform, Book Speakers Direct.

Therefore, we are always listening, let us know what other points of pain you have so we can address these and become that one stop website that not only meets your needs but exceeds them.  Email to connect@bookspeakersdirect.com

Thank you from the team at Book Speakers Direct.

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The investment is an annual subscription fee of $1,980, inclusive ofGST. This represents less than the normal commission a bureau would take from one or two engagements, where the gross speaker fee is around $6,500 + GST. This means you only need to convert one or two bookings and then you are saving yourself 25-30% for all additional bookings converted through BookSpeakersDirect.com. Several speakers we have spoken to are saying – this is a no-brainer!

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