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Our team have been involved with the speaking industry for two decades, with extensive experience in booking speakers and working with event organisers. We’ve partnered with speakers, thought leaders, MCs and corporate entertainers, gathering them in one place to put their information at your fingertips

The Benefits to you;

  • Save time and money
  • Puts you in direct contact
  • Have your questions answered instantly
  • Start the relationship straight away
  • NO fees charged to clients
  • NO commissions taken from speakers

Browse the catalogue of speakers

Think you know what you are looking for, simply search a category, name or location to find a speaker and contact them direct.

Need help? Let us help you find you a speaker

Our team of experts (with 20 years experience in the speaking industry) can help you find the perfect speaker

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The categories

Book Speakers Direct Celebrities category


Book Speakers Direct People and Culture category

People and Culture

Book Speakers Direct Business category


Book Speakers Direct Sports category


Book Speakers Direct Technology & the Future category

Technology & the Future

Book Speakers Direct Environment and Sustainability category

Environment and Sustainability

Book Speakers Direct Futurist category


Book Speakers Direct Health and Wellbeing category

Health and Wellbeing

Book Speakers Direct Female Focus category

Female Focus

Book Speakers Direct Project Management category

Project Management

Book Speakers Direct Body Language category

Body Language

Book Speakers Direct Change Management category

Change Management

Book Speakers Direct Innovation category


Book Speakers Direct Inspiration category


Book Speakers Direct Trust and Ethics category

Trust and Ethics

Real people, real experiences


I’ve dealt with the owners for 15 + years, I love how much quicker this is.



These guys know everybody in the industry and now they have just made it easier for me too.



Having been involved with hundreds of events, I love the direct access.



I’ve been booking speakers since 2001, it is time for change. Direct access is what people want and here’s where you will find it!.


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Let's get started

Welcome! We have made this process as simple as we can, to allow you to get on with choosing the right speaker/s for you. We trust you enjoy the experience.

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Discover & Shortlist

Each category has a content page with a card for each of the speakers in that category. It includes a very brief description and photo.

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Refine your search

Our search function allows you to refine categories by topic, theme, budget, what you’ll learn, underlying messages, location, social reach, availability dates and more.

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Start a conversation

Fill in the contact form and make sure you include as much information as possible.

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You've got mail!!!

You will receive your response in your inbox. If your speaker ticks all the boxes (literally) and you decide to engage them for your event, well... our work here is done!

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icon for Now you can deal direct!
Now you can deal direct!

After the initial connection, you are welcome to connect using your personal email or via phone. We hope you have had a good experience with and look forward to you coming back in the future.

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Sign up to connect with speakers and access other exclusive content. Also, tap into our 20+ years of experience in booking speakers ourselves.

Coming soon

Thanks for your enthusiasm but at this stage Book Speakers Direct is still in development. We look forward to launching our platform allowing you to find the best speakers for your next event and contacting them direct.

For now you may feel free to contact our team and/or join our mailing list and we'll keep you up to date.

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