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Choosing a speaker for your event can be a daunting task, especially when there are so many to choose from.  After almost two decades in the industry helping clients choose the best speaker for their event, including five years of conducting our own events, I thought I would share some tips to help you.

I suggest that you start with these questions:

What is the theme of the event

What are the main messages you want to deliver to your audience? Is it inspiration, is it on leadership or culture change, perhaps about overcoming the odds. What is the reason for you holding this event, this will determine the theme of the event.

What issues are the company or your industry facing?

Are there changes coming to your industry that you need everyone to be across?  Is there a change of direction or management for the business?  New legislation changes that your staff need to be trained on? A company update or perhaps you want to congratulate them all on a wonderful effort.

Who is the audience? 

Will the entire staff be attending? Or maybe only your management team who then they need to pass on key messages to their teams?  If it is management, your speaker needs to provide some great ‘take home’ value and tips for passing on the messages effectively to their teams.

What time of the day will you have the speaker?

Sometimes it works best to have a speaker open your event or close off the event.   If opening, they can set the tone for the day, give the audience key messages to look out for and consider how they will interpret the material presented to them –  if closing, the speaker will recap all that has been covered and provide a plan of action to take back to the workplace.

Perhaps you need someone to bring the audience back to attention after a lunch break or an offsite visit, this is also an important consideration.

Where is the event being held? 

Is it offsite, is it onsite, is it interstate or is it local?  To avoid additional costs such as travel, including transfers and accommodation, perhaps look for someone local to the area.

What budget do you have for the speaker?

The average fee for a speaker is between $3,000 and $10,000 plus GST.  Keep in mind; you may also need to cover their travel, including transfers. Plus, in some instances, you may need to cover main meals.  Audio visual requirements are an additional cost too – they may be included in the room hire however don’t skimp on the speakers’ audio visual needs, make sure they are heard and their messages make the impact they need to.

Trust this helps.

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