Privacy Policy must collect certain details from our users and visitors, to ensure we are bringing the best service and content to market as possible. As such, we take the privacy of your information very seriously. By furnishing us with your information, you are giving consent to have this information published, except for your private content. We do however manage details which are held confidential for the purposes of delivering services to clients, without freely publishing their personal/private information and with that information we secure this with the utmost discretion. The contact information is withheld to the full extent of our team’s potential and will only be disclosed at the direction of our users or will be forwarded on to them by one of our team members. We appreciate your concerns with the publication of your particulars and we appreciate you taking the time to review our adherence to maintaining your privacy. We do also deal with third party vendors for delivering our services and welcome you to review their policies as well, through the details below.

And a statement from some of our development partners

Stripe: uses Stripe to process our recurring payments; whilst we don’t retain any of the information, beyond billing details, Stripe must retain some card information to process your payments. We are not able to access this information at any time – you can review the Stripe privacy policy at:

BPoint: is also a user of Commonwealth Bank’s BPoint facility, for accepting card and BPay payments, where again, we do not have access to your financial information. You can review their privacy policy at:

Google Analytics: tracks its metrics using the services of Google Analytics and also uses Google Analytics for advertising. You can review their terms of service at: