About Us

Well, where do we begin?

Let’s travel back in time to 2001, when I, Gerry Morris and my wife, Donna Morris, first started in the speaking and events industry.

We moved to sunny Queensland to start a new life and as it turned out, a new business, thanks to meeting up with the Directors of one of the largest Speakers Bureaus in Australia. We were thrown in the deep end and learned to swim like crazy.  We built the Queensland Franchise up to the point where it was divided into two franchises.

After twelve years with that bureau, we parted ways and moved on to run our own events company, delivering business breakfasts events, sports luncheons, and inspirational dinners.  We loved showcasing the wonderful speakers we had formed great relationships with over the years.  This events business ran for four years and to be honest, we found running events is a job best kept for event professionals.  Over those four years, our respect for event planners grew tenfold!

In 2015, we joined the other largest Speakers Bureaus in Australia and spent three years there, again working with wonderful speakers and clients.

So clearly, we have lots of experience in the Speaking Industry.  After listening to many speakers and clients over those years, we learned of their pain points and realised that the main thing they love is dealing direct with each other and that is why we created Book Speakers Direct .com

We have taken all that experience and turned to experts in digital marketing, to create Book Speakers Direct and Speaker Engine.

We like to think of Book Speakers Direct .com as two decades of speaking & events experience for a modern world, that brings together event planners and speakers to deal direct with each other.

As for the nitty gritty

You can get in touch with our control team, regarding all business and corporate enquiries, at Houston@BookSpeakersDirect.com. BookSpeakersDirect.com is the trading name of Australian based Book Speakers Direct Pty. Ltd. (ACN. 630517109 | ABN: 89630517109) registered to 2 Woodleigh Ct, Blakeview, SA, Australia.