About Us

About Us

BookSpeakersDirect.com is the result of amalgamating Baby Boomers and Millennials. We are the brain child formed from almost two full decades of experience in booking amazing professional speakers and of IT savvy Millennials who see how things can be done faster and smarter.

These days we have a world of information at our fingertips. Websites like realestate.com, webjet, i-select and wotif has given individuals access to become educated on a particular subject. They can search and compare products and services—and are in control of the transaction throughout the entire process. It has created more of an even playing field for consumers, where once only the wealthy could afford to indulge. Like-wise, agencies and bureaus still have a place for those who are happy to pay a premium, but now there is a choice for those who aren’t.

Unlike so many industries which were previously dominated by ‘sales agents’, the professional speaking industry has more or less remained relatively unchanged. Up until now, if you were looking to hire a professional speaker, you would go through an agency or bureau however, who better to discuss the brief and suitability with than the speaker themselves. The client and the speaker are in control of the booking—able to discuss the fee, based on the requirements, get to know their customer, and make a lasting impression—and the customer can make a decision based on direct interaction.

You (the public) have been asking for a place where they you can book speakers direct! So, drum roll please…
Welcome to BookSpeakersDirect.com — a place where you can, well…, find a guest speaker and book them direct!!!

As for the nitty gritty

You can get in touch with our control team, regarding all business and corporate enquiries, at [email protected]. BookSpeakersDirect.com is the trading name of Australian based Book Speakers Direct Pty. Ltd. (ACN. 630517109 | ABN: 89630517109) registered to 2 Woodleigh Ct, Blakeview, SA, Australia.