Sneak Peek of Phase Two

Donna Morris

Doing Magic

So here it is, a sneak peek of Phase 2 of Book Speakers Direct, which we are very excited to bring to all our speakers, MCs and entertainers, to connect and be a part of a real community catered to them.

When we started Book Speakers Direct, we wanted to be different from anything that had come before us, we wanted to break from the old model of booking speakers, by doing the exact opposite.

Things like displaying the speakers’ direct contact details, so potential clients can reach out and connect direct.

Not take any commission for a booking that happens between a client and a presenter. After all, the speaker is doing all the work, right?

Not have preferred products to push on to clients but more so, let the client make their own decision and again, deal direct with the speaker becasue that makes sense.

We are very excited about the Book Direct Speakers Community we are building.

Today we shall be emailing the speakers, who are on board with us, the finer details.

When you Google the word ‘Community’, this comes up.

• The condition of sharing or having certain attitudes and interests in common.

The Book Speakers Direct Community is open to all speakers registered with us, this provides an opportunity to connect with fellow speakers and learn from each other. All inclusive, is our aim. Fabulous connections for experienced and emerging speakers, MCs and entertainers to share and learn. To be a part of a speakers community.

Our offer to you is, if you would like to know more about Book Speakers Direct and Phase 2, get in touch by phone or email, so we can chat and explain more and answer your questions. Check out our Contact Us page to reach out.

Come on board with Book Speakers Direct. Why not reach out? it makes sense.

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Sneak Peek of Phase Two

So here it is, a sneak peek of Phase 2 of Book Speakers Direct, which we are very excited to bring to all our speakers,

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The investment is an annual subscription fee of $1,980, inclusive ofGST. This represents less than the normal commission a bureau would take from one or two engagements, where the gross speaker fee is around $6,500 + GST. This means you only need to convert one or two bookings and then you are saving yourself 25-30% for all additional bookings converted through Several speakers we have spoken to are saying – this is a no-brainer!

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